Rumana Morshed Kanak Chapa


The name Rumana Morshed Kanak Chapa (hereinafter: Kanak Chapa) is well known to the people in Bangladesh. Kanak Chapa is a Bangladeshi singer, activist and social worker who was born on the date of 11th September, 1969. She was born in Dhaka. Her grandfather was from Sirjaganj. She is the third daughter of her parents. Her father Mr. Azizul Haque Morshed worked in the Water Development Board.

From a very little age, Kanakchapa’s father gave her the initial training in singing. Mr. Morshed was an amateur singer and also a painter who was the student of Shilpacharya Zainal Abedin’s 2nd batch.  Kanakchapa was born a conservative family. So her singing was not welcomed eventually by her mother Momena Jahan.  But her father stood with her. He wanted her daughter as he realized young Kanakchapa’s love for music.