Rumana Morshed Kanak Chapa

The name Rumana Morshed Kanak Chapa (hereinafter: Kanak Chapa) is well known to the people in Bangladesh. Kanak Chapa is a Bangladeshi singer, activist and social worker who was born on the date of 11th September, 1969. She was born in Dhaka. Her grandfather was from Sirjaganj. She is the third daughter of her parents. Her father Mr. Azizul Haque Morshed worked in the Water Development Board.

From a very little age, Kanakchapa’s father gave her the initial training in singing. Mr. Morshed was an amateur singer and also a painter who was the student of Shilpacharya Zainal Abedin’s 2nd batch.  Kanakchapa was born a conservative family. So her singing was not welcomed eventually. Her mother Momena Jahan.  But her father stood with her. He wanted her daughter as he realized young Kanakchapa’s love for music.

Kanakchapa completed her school from “Madartek Abdul Aziz High School”. Later she went to “Viqarunnisa Noon School and College” for her HSC.

In 1978 she performed in television for the first time. As a child singer she became champion in Natun Kuri in the year 1978. She received championship award for “Jatiyo Shishu Protijogita” for three years in a row.

She was under the guidance of Ustad Bashir Ahmed for 12 years. During the time she learned all sorts of music such as- Classical, Nazrul etc.

She performed in television for the first time in 1984. The song she performed was “Elomelo Chul Ar Lalate Vaj”. It was written by Sezan Mahmud and tuned by Moinul Islam Khan. The song was much appreciated by everyone- general audience and even people in music industry.

In 1984, She also received the offer to work as a solo playback singer in a film.  Her first playback was under the direction of legendary music director Alauddin Ali. The film was named “Bidhata”

In the same year she got married with Moinul Islam Khan. Her husband is also a well reputed music director.

By then she started performing in stage shows.  For the last 36 years

In her illustrious career she had worked for various record label companies.

For “Don Company”, she was under the contract of two albums. “Amar Priyo Gan 1 and 2” were released under the banner of Don.  Their massive success and her huge popularity prompted them to make the contract for six years. Kanak Chapa had done about 350 old songs, folk, Nazrul, Lalan and even hindi songs sang by the great Lata Mungeshkar. From 1988 to 1994, she worked with Don and found great stardom.

“Concord” released her first album in 1986.

A Bangla Ghajal album of Kanak Chapa was also released by SS Production.

Fame and fortune commercialism no interest, husband guided her,

“Dekha Na Hole Ekdin Buker Vitor Kore Chin Chin” is a breakthrough song of hers.

By the year of 1994, she became very busy with music and singing, often recording songs in five studios in one single day.

In 1995, she received award in the “National Film Awards”. She also received “Meril Prothom-Alo Award” for four years in a row. Kanak Chapa nominated alongside Runa Laila and Sabina Yasmin for her first nomination in the “Meril Prothom-Alo Awards”.

She went abroad to perform for the first time in 1996. The Los Angeles Association invited her to perform there. The next month she flew to New York. She had toured in many countries except- Pakistan, Japan and China.

She sang more than 3500 songs, did playback in about 2000 films. About 40 albums of her had been released and till now they are very popular.

She had performed in more than 4000 stage shows. She had shared the stage with the likes of Subir Nandi, Andrew Kishor, Kumar Bishwajit, Monir Khan and many other legendary artists of Bangladesh.

Some notable albums of Kanak Chapa are Biroher Shorolipi, Talpatar Bashi, and folk album Kokila.

Kanak Chapa is also a writer. She wrote five books altogether. She also likes to paint.

Kanak Chapa is the mother of one son and one daughter. They are Faizul Islam Khan and Faria Islam Khan.

Being a nationwide famous singer, Kanak Chapa leads a very simple life. She is a very humble person too. She considers herself as a ”কণ্ঠ শ্রমিক” (voice-worker) and feels solidarity with all the workers in the world.

She is also involved with social organizations named “Chayatol” and “Chase Begins”.

She has been running an online school named “Amader Khelaghor Ishkul (School)” for about eight years. With the experience she gained from this school she wrote the book named “Shei Pothe Jao”.

“Apon Nibash” is an old home situated in Moinartek, Dhaka. The home is a shelter for old women who were disbanded and separated from their families. The women used to live by begging before coming to this home. It houses about forty old and poor women.  Kanak Chapa is also involved with this old-home along with her husband. They contribute, and raise funds.